The Palaolimpico in Turin, which represents the largest indoor facility in Italy, has a potential capacity of 15,000 seats and hosts sporting events, concerts and shows. Flexible stands will be set up to hold up to 12,000 spectators for the Nitto ATP Finals.

Opened in 2005 on the eve of the Winter Olympic Games, the facility is characterised by the extreme flexibility of spaces, by exceptional acoustics and, most of all, by the high-impact harmony. It was designed by two international architects, Arata Isozaki and Pier Paolo Maggiora.

The futuristic building is 183 metres long, 100 metres wide and 18 metres high (developed on four levels, two of which up to 7.5 metres underground). It is entirely clad in stainless steel which rests on a five-metre high glazed base.

The Palaolimpico is synonymous with sustainability and has obtained the coveted UNI EN ISO 20121: 2012 certification "Event sustainability management systems - Requirements with guidance for use", also known as ISO 20121.

Entrance To Venue
Spectators, including hosts, can use the north gates on Piazzale Grande Torino to get to the Palaolimpico. Every sector (North, South, East, West) has a proper dedicated gate to make the entrance easier and guide the viewer towards his seat.

Corporate hospitality package holders benefit exclusively access from the South gates of the Palaolimpico in via Filadelfia 82.

Also media and accredited staff will enter through the South gates in via Filadelfia 82.

Gates will be open no more than two hours before the start of the first scheduled match. After every session, the stadium must be vacated to allow the cleaning procedures requested.
All night session ticket holders cannot enter the precinct before the day session is over and the cleaning operations at the Palaolimpico have been completed.

All the fans who hold ticket for both sessions (day and night) after the day session can wait in the Food and Merchandising area located on the walkway outside the Palaolimpico. They can re-enter using the gate indicated for their own sector, showing the night session ticket and the QR code received after the check-in procedure.

Rules Of Conduct
To guarantee the spectators' security, it's forbidden to bring inside the Palaolimpico large bags, blunt instruments, dangerous or inflammable substances, helmets, weapons, explosives. Luggage and helmets deposits are available for fans on piazzale Grande Torino (North gates) and via Filadelfia (South gates). Complete rules are available online here.