Changes only relate to schedule on 20 November

ATP and FIT have announced a change to the match start times for the final session of the 2022 Nitto ATP Finals. The revised match schedule will see play on Sunday 20 November begin with the doubles final at 4 p.m. CET, followed by the singles final not before 7 p.m. CET (previously scheduled at 5 p.m. CET).

The change has been made to avoid a direct clash between the singles final and the opening game of the FIFA World Cup, which was recently rescheduled to 5 p.m. CET on the same day. The revised schedule will maximise the global reach of the final match of the ATP Tour season for fans tuning in worldwide. All scheduling for the prior days of the tournament remains unaffected. 

Please see below answers to frequently asked questions about the time changes.

1) The new timetable prevents me from attending the finals: is it possible to request a refund for tickets on Sunday 20?
No, refunds will not be offered. Events of this nature occasionally require scheduling adjustments due to operational reasons, and the terms and conditions of purchase clearly contain a specific clause addressing such situations. In the case of the Nitto ATP Finals, this clause is set out in article. 6, which states that "the customer is not entitled in any case to a refund of the cost of the Ticket (or to its replacement) in the event that the events for which the ticket was purchased take place, for technical and organisational reasons, at times other than those initially scheduled ".

2) Why was it deemed necessary to avoid a clash with the World Cup?
We want to ensure that as many fans as possible around the world are able to tune into the final match of the ATP Tour season. By avoiding a clash with the opening of the FIFA World Cup, one of the biggest sporting events of the world, we are looking to reach the largest possible global audience for the Nitto ATP Finals.

3) The clash will be with the opening game of the World Cup group stages, taking place in an entirely different market. Does this justify the change?
The opening game of the World Cup is a truly global event, attracting huge attention from fans. This includes members of our global fanbase who tune into the Nitto ATP Finals from all over the world each season. The decision to change the timing of the final was not made lightly, and our extensive consultation with tournament stakeholders considered the potential disruption for fans attending in person. On balance we believe it is the right decision for the tournament and millions of fans tuning in across the globe.

4) Why was this decision not taken earlier?
Following FIFA’s decision to move the timing of the opening game of the World Cup, we immediately began consulting the tournament’s key stakeholders, including domestic and international broadcasters. We moved to reach a decision as soon as possible to give fans as much time as possible to make any necessary changes to their plans.

5) Will the timetables of the other competition days change?
No, the only changes relate to Sunday 20 November.

6) From when will it be possible to access the Fan Village on the day of the two final matches?
The opening hours of the Fan Village remain unchanged, so fans will be able to access the whole area - including the Food Court – from the morning of Sunday 20 November.

7) When will it be possible to access the stands on Sunday 20 November?
Access will be allowed two hours before the start of the doubles final, i.e. at 2 p.m. CET.

8) This change will require me to re-book my travel. What are my options?
As per the terms and conditions associated with all ticket purchases, the match schedule for the Nitto ATP Finals is subject to change at the discretion of tournament organisers.

9) Will the hours for VIP hospitality be extended on the day?
Further details related to any changes regarding the VIP hospitality offering for Sunday 20 November will be communicated as soon as confirmed.