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Thiem Sunday Press Conference

Sunday, 15 November 2020
Dominic Thiem
Press Conference

D. THIEM/S. Tsitsipas 7-6, 4-6, 6-3

Questions, please.

Q. You said on TV that it's exhausting, this bubble life. Can you just elaborate on it a bit more, how difficult it is for the players mentally and physically?

DOMINIC THIEM: Well, I mean, physically I think it's the most easiest year since a long time. Today was my 30th match on tour, which is not a big number, but mentally it is tough, because, I mean, you get so much energy from the fans. If you go in the stadium, if you have a huge win like today and you get the atmosphere from 17,000 people, it brings so much positive energy, and all of this is missing.

You have to bring it up yourself during the match. I think today was like 2 hours 20 or something. You have all the time to push yourself, give yourself energy.

Yeah, that's exhausting. And as well, if you have a long day and then you go in a great city like London or like New York, the city as well gives you nice energy, nice restaurants, hanging out with the people you love.

All of this is gone somehow right now, so that makes it difficult. Well, I mean, we are all still very grateful that these big events are happening. I mean, we are privileged to be able to do our job, to play those tournaments, so I guess we will, as long as this strange situation is going on, I guess we will have to deal with it, yeah.

Q. I'm just wondering what it's like sort of round at the hotel. Are you having to be driven here even though the hotel is literally sort of two minutes' walk away?

DOMINIC THIEM: Yeah, we have to be driven here. Like I think the whole first or second floor is for us players, and also the floors where the rooms are is only for us players, so we cannot come and touch with people which are not related to tennis, so I think that makes it a very safe environment.

But it's pretty rough because, I mean, during the whole day we get maybe two, three minutes of fresh air and no sun at all, so that's it. But, I mean, still it's great, as I said, that the event is going on.

Q. Could I just get your assessment of how the match went compared to last year's final? Just also commenting on the electric line calls instead of line judges, what you think of that.

DOMINIC THIEM: The match, I mean, compared to last year, I think the level was higher last year. We were both in great shape last year in the finals, wanting the title 100%. The atmosphere last year was insane at the finals.

Today was a little bit different. There was a lot over the serve from both of us, only two breaks in the whole match. I think the conditions are pretty fast here, so I'm super happy with my win. I mean, every win against a top-10 player here at the Finals is something special, and as well every win against Stefanos is something special because he's such a great player and established, won so many big titles already.

The electric line call, I like it a lot for me, because, well, there are no wrong decisions anymore. I mean, if the electric system calls it out, it's out. If it's close, you can even review it. Well, that's perfect, yeah.

Q. I'm just sort of curious, last year you had two huge round robin wins against guys who have won the title many times. Do you feel sort of like you're in that position now, after winning the US Open and everything, that now you're one of the big favourites?

DOMINIC THIEM: Honestly, not in this tournament here, no, because I think that especially this year all eight players are in great form and are pretty much on a hot streak, as well. I think besides Rafa and Novak, because of all they have achieved and what they are, I think they are a little bit above the other six.

But in general, I guess that every single of the eight players can win every match here. So I see myself just as everybody else, and every match is pretty much 50/50. And the one who has a better day and a little bit more lucky these certain days is going to win the matches.

I think, well, the one who has the best week is going to end up winning the tournament. I couldn't do any predictions at all.

Q. I'd like to know how many hours do you spend normally with the mask on your face? And are you aware that they say that even if the vaccine will come and will work, we may need to wear the mask for the next three years, because until the whole world is out of the virus there is no way, I mean, someone will be negative and then positive and negative and so on. So are you aware of that, and how do you react to this news?

DOMINIC THIEM: Well, you never know how long it is really at the end, but I hope it's not gonna be three years. I hope that the masks are disappearing way sooner, because that would mean that the virus is disappearing.

But, yeah, in general I think we will have to wear the mask whenever it's required, whenever we are with other people, so that's when I wear the mask. But, well, as soon as I'm in the fresh air or in environment with people I know or who are living in my same house who are in my family I take it off.

But, well, that's the world right now. We have to wear the mask, and that's how it is. Hopefully one day we can put it away.

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