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Salisbury Thursday Press Conference

Thursday, 19 November 2020
Joe Salisbury
Press Conference

RAM-SALISBURY/Krawietz-Mies 7-6, 6-7, 10-4

Questions, please.

Q. After saving two set points in the opening set, what were the reasons for you both winning this match tonight?

JOE SALISBURY: I'm not too sure. Obviously when it's so close, comes down to the tiebreak, yeah, there's not much in it, but, yeah, I think we just fought really hard. We weren't too happy with kind of our level in the first set. I don't think probably they were either.

But, yeah, we did really well to come through that. And then I thought the second set was pretty good level. And then, yeah, obviously it was just a couple of points we lost out there. Yeah, I think that was frustrating. I think we just had to regroup and came back and, yeah, just took it. A bit of a cliche. Just took it a point at a time, fought hard until the end and, yeah, just happy we came out on top.

Q. Especially after the buildup that you had, how satisfying is it to make it out of the group?

JOE SALISBURY: Yeah, yeah, really satisfying. I think, yeah, obviously it wasn't the ideal preparation coming in, but, yeah, I think we still had, at least I know I still had quite high expectations for us as a team, and, yeah, really, really wanted to do well here, get out of the group. Obviously we want to keep going. Two more matches to win.

But, yeah, I think our level has been getting better throughout the week, so, yeah, hopefully it will keep going.

Q. Can I just check with you, I know it seems maybe bizarre to ask this after you have just won a match like that and got through to the semifinals, but a lot of doubles changes this year. Just wanted to check with you that you're planning to stay with Rajeev next year? And also just generally what do you make of Jamie Murray getting back with Bruno? Seems like quite big news in the doubles scene.

JOE SALISBURY: Yeah. I'm staying with Rajeev next year. Yeah, one of the few teams that are staying together (smiling).

But, yeah, obviously there has been a lot of changes. Yeah, I think Jamie and Neil had a decent season. Obviously was tough for them not to make it here. I think that would have been great.

Yeah, I think they were just disappointed they could have done better. I think it was kind of, yeah, mutual sort of decision where they felt like they could be doing slightly better elsewhere obviously.

Yeah, who knows how it's going to turn out. You don't know. Yeah, I think maybe the fact they didn't make it here was kind of the catalyst for that.

And then, yeah, obviously Jamie getting back with Bruno, I mean, they obviously did really well together. Won two slams. Yeah, maybe they just thought that, yeah, they knew they could play well together so wanted to do that. But I'm not really too sure.

Q. How do you rate the kind of pressure on a match like that? Is it on the same level as playing in the end of a slam?

JOE SALISBURY: Yeah, definitely. Definitely felt like that. Sometimes even a bit more just because obviously at the slams you don't have the match tiebreak. Yeah, I mean, we're happy the match tiebreak today didn't get too close. Managed to stay on top the whole way.

Yeah, definitely feeling the pressure, but we have been in those situations a lot before. So, yeah, we just, yeah, did our best and whatever happens happens.

Q. Do a lot of doubles players just change doubles at the end of the year? Does it work to change that? Should continuity be the way forward or does it actually work, changing partners?

JOE SALISBURY: Well, obviously, yeah, it can work if you don't think you're doing well. Obviously everybody would ideally have a solid partner you stick with. The more you play together, the more you know about each other, the more you can play better as a team.

But, yeah, again, it's always going to be a risk. If you don't think you're doing as well as you want to be or you think you could be, then you take a risk, play with someone else and see if that's better.

But, yeah, I think maybe people sort of jump the gun a bit too soon sometimes. I think partnerships can take a bit of time to work well together. But, yeah, it's everybody's kind of individual situation. I definitely like having a set partner and kind of working together as a team.

But, yeah, obviously the end of the year is kind of the main time that all those things happen because people want to give themselves a full year to play together to make it here. So obviously if you split in the middle of the year, then probably your chances aren't going to be great for doing that. So it's usually end of the year and, yeah, have a fresh start in January.

Q. The Lawn Tennis Writers Association have named you Player of the Year. Normally we'd have lunch and we'd invite you, give you a little silver pot. But times being what they are, we don't have a lunch this year. Well done. Congratulations. And thanks a lot for giving us a lot to write about this year.

JOE SALISBURY: Okay. Thanks very much (smiling).