Menu Nitto ATP Finals Pala Alpitour, Torino | 14-21 NOV. 2021

Krawietz Tuesday Press Conference

Tuesday, 17 November 2020
Kevin Krawietz
Press Conference

KRAWIETZ-MIES/Kubot-Melo 6-2, 7-6

Questions, please.

Q. How important was it for you guys today to get that victory? I know that the first match was obviously so close, but for you to come through in straight sets, what did that mean to you?

KEVIN KRAWIETZ: Yeah, very important obviously because, yeah, we played actually a good match first match, but, I mean, in doubles in the match tiebreaker, it's so close.

We are happy that we are playing such a good match today. So we start the match very well, very good first set, and then to go through in straight sets is very important for us, yeah.

Q. I'm curious, you and Andreas are the only single-nation team, the only team that is from one country at the Finals. How much are you looking to 2021 and Tokyo? And what sort of goals do you have for the Olympics in Tokyo?

KEVIN KRAWIETZ: Yeah, I think it's nice for us to play with a partner from the same country. Yeah, it feels very cool if it's very comfortable also outside of the court, have a good connection.

We are very looking for 2021, hopefully we play the Australian swing. We don't know yet for sure. Then, yeah, of course we are looking for the Olympic Games.

Yeah, we all hope that it's gonna be normal again next year, but I think all the tournaments and the ATP try the best. I mean, yeah, I mean, we have a lot of tournaments now in the end of the year, and we hope that we can continue like this and hopefully with some more fans, yeah.

Q. Obviously 2021 is very unknown for all of us, but what has the Olympics meant to you as a young kid? For tennis players maybe it's not the most important event, but what would it mean to you to be able to go and represent your country?

KEVIN KRAWIETZ: Yeah, Olympic Games means actually everything for me, because as you said, I was looking as a young kid always. Yeah, every sports I was looking at the TV and seeing the competitions. Doesn't matter which sport it is.

So I think it's, yeah, that's the biggest dream I think for me to compete in the Olympic Games. Yeah, hopefully we have the chance next year.