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Berrettini Sunday Press Conference

Sunday, November 10, 2019
Matteo Berrettini
Press Conference
N. DJOKOVIC/M. Berrettini
6-2, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What was the toughest thing about facing Novak? How would you rate this experience compared to when you played Rafa and Roger?

MATTEO BERRETTINI: I think he was returning unbelievable, the most impressive thing that he did. I mean, you have to tell me because I was in the court, but I was feeling that he was playing really good, moving really well.

Yeah, he's like I said for Rafa and Roger, they are the best three ever in the history of tennis. So for sure I was expecting, you know, to face, I mean, to have a tough match.

I don't know. I learned a lot from Roger and from Rafa. For sure I'm going to learn a lot from him.

I don't know. Yeah, was tough to mix, you know. We were playing flat, fast, and he was moving better than me, was playing better than me. So it was tough to win the points. But I think I played really good -- I mean, not really good, but a good match. I'm feeling pretty confident, yeah.

Q. It was your first experience on this stage. Were you nervous? Did it settle during the match? How did you experience the match today from the nerves, mental side?
MATTEO BERRETTINI: Yeah, for sure I was nervous (smiling). First time in the Finals after a great year, so, yeah, I was nervous but not in a bad way. You know, normally when I step in the court and I don't feel nervous, something is wrong. I have to feel nervous to play my best tennis.

I think I start the match pretty good, but he was just better than me today. So just accepting the loss, and for sure I'm looking forward to play the next matches.

Q. What are your feelings with the court, according to the speed surface?
MATTEO BERRETTINI: I think the court is pretty fast. The ball is not jumping a lot, so like I said, it's tough to mix, you know, especially my forehand. I think it's better when I have a little bit more time and the ball takes more spin, but this is the court and I think it's better for my serve, for example.

I mean, with Novak, didn't work too much because he was returning, like I said, really good. But I like the conditions.

Q. Could you tell me your feeling first time came to O2, also last time came to O2? Your feeling, atmosphere, environment, anything?
MATTEO BERRETTINI: I think the stadium, the arena, is great. Last year I came here to do the ATP University, so was a little bit different experience (smiling).

But I think it's really nice because it's all dark, you know, on the crowd side. And the court is, like, really lighted.

So it's good for the -- I don't know. Like I said, the court is really good. The environment was great. The atmosphere was great. I was hearing a lot a Italians. Also, like, not only Italians supporting me.

So I enjoyed being there. I'm proud to be here. I'm going to learn a lot after this experience.

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